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Erotic story:

A white limousine which stopped in the courtyard of a stately villa, a young woman gets out, it's an elegant woman, tall, dark auburn hair straightening her dancing on her shoulders in long curls twisted. She is wearing a sort of beige raincoat, short split largely back and when she goes to the door of the house, through her clothes I guess one of the lobes of her buttocks bare undulating to the rhythm its approach feline.

She rings and a young wife welcomes him with a smile, she also is beautiful, tall, brunette, long hair, thin black-rimmed glasses on her dark blue eyes give it a certain charm. She is wearing a dark blue dress, strict, very short, adjusted his lanky silhouette.

outdoor cute blonde babe

Outdoor cute blonde babe

"Come in, my name is Gladys, I am the demonstrator. ..., Sit down, we install in this room, you're probably Tanya? I was waiting for you "

Sitting on the sofa upholstered in leather Tanya could hardly hide her legs under the frail bulwark of his raincoat but as far Gladys showed his slightly open, she crossed her legs showing her naked thighs generously. The conversation turned on a neutral tone despite the turmoil that seized Tanya since its entry. Gladys carefully enveloped her loving gaze.

"I'm the first? others will doubtless come? Excuse me but I hate being late "

"We will be only you and me, because it would be difficult to section in a group, I usually see women interested in one by one it takes me longer, but my clients are at ease to express their tastes, their needs, their desires. "

"You're right I'd be more comfortable like that, I worried a little that meeting"

"Do not worry we will be perfectly quiet, I gave orders and no one will disturb us. What do you expect from me? "

"Whether you advise me ... .. how to say ?..... I have big needs ... .... ... Sex .. "

"Do not worry, you entrust to me, you'll be satisfied ... you said a great need .... ... ... It is whether we can satisfy them"

"That's when I need you, items you are doing the promo ... ... I do not hide but I do love when I'm alone I'm missing my hugs and not enough for me more .... You understand? "

"Ideally, you will not be disappointed ... ... but put yourself at home ... .. put your Mac on the bench"

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Young girl models panties
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Tanya then got up and I was petrified by what she showed her sumptuous body highlighted by a stunning set of lingerie, a kind of Body not hiding nothing, showing everything. Let me explain, no tissues but a species of spider airy secured to a rubber band, black, holding his chest, a network of black elastic cords in a basket wedding without her breasts to hide them and passing on his shoulders. Below four cords passing over her flat stomach and converging uniting in pairs to fit into two folds between the big lips of her pussy and her thighs and then meeting in the line of the buttocks to go up in his back . A kind of small for butterfly-shaped wedged in the corner at the top of her buttocks

Splendor! firm breasts erect, large dark areolas tipped with nipples big enough well-trained, flawless skin fairly clear, coffee-colored, golden, flat stomach, slender legs, perfect, without excess fleshy thighs, buttocks sumptuous without trace of cellulite, well rounded, open, pussy fruit swollen like a ripe mango, split between two thick lips perfectly hairless, dark labia minora well developed.

What about the highly expressive face framed by curls of her hair reaching to the shoulders, large brown eyes, blue eyes masked with consummate skill, a mouth, finally, the jewel! full lips open to sparkling white teeth and a pink tongue appetizing. Nothing arrogant or vulgar expression however, reserve, kindness, class. A marvel of eroticism as much as we could not ignore her breasts beautifully drawn and pointed to sepia, the graceful curves of her body, her buttocks, lips dark pussy, tight at the moment between his legs by elastic cords.

"I think I have what it takes for you"

"Ok .... yes !..... better! "

"I have a variety of sex toy rabbit"

"Rabbit? "

"Yes you will understand as the rabbit, you want me to watch? "

"I am a little intimidated, but I came for that, yes, Ok, I will"

Gladys then got up and came back with a good sized dildo bright red. A smile quickly faded Tanya tense, pinched his nose slightly with emotion, a bit short of breath, she tried in vain to hide the disorder that gave him the sight of this enjoyable craft.

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Hot bare pussy

"Take charge, do not be afraid, it is very handy with its control box, let me explain, you see the acorn, it is a good size .... "

"Oh yes at least four centimeters is suitable"

"See press the button you see as the end portion and the glans are agitated, you can imagine the feeling when you have in you, the effect is amazing, myself I'm crazy"

"Do you like? "

"I love and plus it vibrates, turning the knob to adjust its frequency"

"Oh it must be good! "

"It's nothing to say ... .. And what do you think the length? "

"I'm pretty deep the length does not bother me instead"

"You see under the skin of the dildo, the rows of balls yes .... and although they are agitated in every direction at the entrance to your vagina when the dildo is pushed "

"Hummmm, it must be terrible, I have small lips of extreme sensitivity"

"We come in at more fun, this little sex implanted after the balls, it also vibrates. ... You see these little in the end ... ... very flexible membranes such as rabbit ears, imagine them on your cap, fine they can even pass well below inserted directly on your clitoris ... .. is it too sensitive? "

"It's just to say ... .. "

"Then you will enjoy when you're alone, believe me I know many women who have fled the tyranny of their lovers and it is very lonely or two with a friend»

"You turn me on, I take"

"Try this ... ... yes, yes! ... ... The right way"

"I'm dying ... .... Before you? ... .... It bothers me a little "

"Only a bit, do not worry, do not worry, I will guide you through this first time ... .. starting to suck"

Gourmet Tanya put it in her beautiful mouth by pushing it several times, pressing her lips on his pole, a little too deep even as it made her gasp, she excused herself confused with a smile, there was not enough; she licked his long nimble tongue wrapping it around the nipple, she seemed to have the habit, her lovers happy!.

"Hmmm, that's good, it tastes good"

"They are flavored with fruit ... .. well ... lick ... take more into your mouth. ... Spread out your tongue turn the dildo .... What do you think? "

"I am troubled, it's funny I start to wet"

"Perfect, approach ... .. buttocks at the edge of the bench ... ... ... ... the present. Between your big lips ... .. ... ... just put on the tassel on the Road"

Tanya was serious, diligent, attentive to the guidance of Gladys, his face showed his surprise when moved off the glans between her labia, she let prohibited up to the edge of her vulva, which opened on him.

"Push it gently ... .... I see you're all wet it will be easy ... .. your first impressions dear Tanya? "

"I'm very excited ... .. thank you for your kindness ... ... ... ... ohhhhh.'s Good already"

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Brunette nudist girl

"Open your thighs ... I see ... you start to bend ... ... your little lips swell. ... Your clit coming out of his lair ... .. I predict fun when you pass the little ears by vibrating under your hood ... . ... you seem well equipped to enjoy ... .. "

Tanya's face showed his pleasure birth, the glans had disappeared engame in her pussy, she looked this member in it, it already did its work, Tanya opened her mouth, closed his eyes began to moan softly. Gladys was watching over his glasses, sat in his chair near the sofa, she seemed happy and peered up the fun on Tanya's face. She had never seen a hood of the clitoris too long, too bloated, the promise of infinite pleasure.

"Dear friend you want me to help you? ... ... You'll know better after when you're alone"

"I do not mind because I dare not confess ... ... I am already .... I am afraid to annoy you! "

"But no ... .. ... .. on the contrary it is not unpleasant for me to make you appreciate the most is what I sell, believe me I find fun too"

"Really ?...... Good! "

Gladys then rose to kneel between the legs of Tanya, her dress pulled up close to discovering its largely low-tight flesh-colored mid thighs, she had quite a look, a sacred class too. I swear that his kindness owed nothing to his ethics but she found her account to enjoy such beauty. She took it in hand so to speak, and it showed immediately in the attitude of Tanya who threw back his head pretending not to be controlled entirely.

She held the dildo with both hands by pushing it right, the balls at the entrance of the vulva and small ears on the hood of the clitoris. The two women stared at the subject enjoyable to do his work ....

"You feel the movements of the gland in your belly? "

"Yes I feel it is good ... ... ... ... ouiiiiii is good! "

"I will excite your clit and labia with your appendix vibrating ... .... "

"Ahhhhh ... .... Ouiiiiii is good ... ... ... .. continue. "

"Do not hold your pleasure ... .. no human respect with me ... .. let you go ... ... caress you at the same time ... .. pull the elastic to tighten your lips to the member ... .. I'm in your hood , I go down, I lay in the road vibrations ... .... So what? "

"It's wonderful ... .. I never had this feeling ... ... ... ... .. it's good you know me ... .. thank you Gladys enjoy ... .. continue ... ... ... ... ouiiiiiiii. Ouaaaa"

So something that I came, it began to Gladys bottom right hand dildo she was playing her role, she kept her fingers with small ears under the hood to tickle the clit bud Tanya had become huge and hard or it took care of his little lips to vibrate all congested by these attentions, she would come and go on dildo imperceptible penetrations arranged so that the balls remain at the entrance of the vulva, but incredibly against all expectations, with his left hand, she stroked the body of Tanya by furtive gestures, which wraps the inflamed at once. She brushed interior so soft inside of his right thigh raised, passed on his stomach before grasps her right breast, the nipple between his fingers stiffened players.

Tanya was going to be felt pleasure in moaning she also stroked her left breast, kneading it roughly, the mount of Venus, the tips of her fingers on her clitoris, she kneaded her labia as they seek roots sensitive to the extreme of her clitoris that she alone knew how to find. These unexpected hugs from the one that would be only a demonstrator wiped his intention not to publish the pleasure that flooded now, but when Gladys, rising to its height, it also takes its left breast, and leaning his face on it she took her nipple in her mouth she let out a loud cry of abandonment to the pleasure.

Gladys retired but when she saw Tanya swoon by the caresses she plunged to her bosom, and this time it annoyed with her tongue tip. Tanya was a little taken aback, not knowing if she should continue to afford.

Gladys was clearly too much, she wanted it and felt when she brought his face close to hers, his lips brushed against hers she knew how she was distressed, she no longer controlled everything, they embraced not but only their tongues brushed against lovingly repeatedly mouths open.

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Beach group nudist outdoor sex

While defeated, wanting to go after his pleasure Tanya leaned back his head resting on the seatback, offered. The dildo pushed into her, she felt restless the pad in his belly, his balls which maddened her little swollen lips of pleasure, this appendix resonant operating under the belly of her clit and held in place by good care Gladys, the caresses of his wandering hands that had taken on her thighs on her stomach to her breasts, it was almost too Tanya kneaded the breasts in the back, pelvis undulating legs open to afford the more enjoyable craft who maddened.

She drew on her stomach on the cords to twist her pussy, she could not restrain her cries but when Gladys came face to wedge in his crotch and her tongue joined to the demands of the dildo she offered herself completely, her body completely relaxed she became a toy for this consent so experienced and Gladys, she felt, was his pleasure on her helpless on his body, she felt her tongue, her mouth, her lips where her little lips, She is joined on the center of absolute pleasure, he was licked, bitten, sucked.

The cries were now ongoing Tanya punctuated by the blast, the gasps of Gladys, a kind of onomatopoeia, the "hhhe hhhhe" jerky and the spiking of warheads that the perforation. She had raised her right thigh with his hand holding it to afford more, left lying on the bench, fully offered, Tanya writhing in every direction now no mistress of his reaction, she screamed her mouth open in pleasure closing her eyes before opening on her body, her thighs on her pussy and she was lowered at once, lying upside down on the couch, orgasm lasted maintained by the care of Gladys and when his mouth left her vulva to go graze the tips of her breasts was the end of his fingers caressed the least and it was not pleasurable to the contrary.

With his free hand caressing the body of Gladys woman who had lost all control, flooded by the pleasure it was furtive caress, almost romantic but terribly effective on the bottom near the buttocks and inner thighs so tender, about belly up to her breasts inflated they came back down to join his mouth and shake his little lips all congested. Each round trip from his hand on this wonderful body she was sucking one or two fingers between her lips sucked Tanya tight, with her tongue lapping the honey they had used his intimacy flooded.

Then suddenly, the whole body disgusts Tanya, relaxed, his arms outstretched beating the cushions of the sofa in all directions, fidgeted in his pelvis uncontrolled convolutions that might seem ridiculous but that showed the intensity, The highlight of a previously never reached orgasm. Tanya let out a long scream, mouth open before collapsing completely paralyzed ... .. The calm returning gradually. Gladys accompanied him on his return to reality, one hand on her vulva gently shaking her lips and clit and the other stroking her inner thighs, belly and tip of her breasts ... she went out very ... Gently dildo glans still lingering at the entrance deformed, her vulva open the

Tanya sat up smiling, soothed, she held the dildo in his hand and raised it to his mouth, grateful, suck gently rotating member, she spread out her tongue on the phallus which had done so much to enjoy. His tongue was nimble, pink, pointed.

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Free spy voyeur pics

"So what do you think my lovely? "

"Firstly thank you Gladys, thank you to the dildo so enjoyable, but thank you for your hugs so unexpected, so gentle, so effective ... .. pardon for not having followed you when you wanted to kiss me but I was already in another world, wonderful world where you have driven ... .. thank you .... a thousand times thank you "

"I too was good, I never do this normally but you are so beautiful, so attractive ... Tanya. When you enjoy you were like a wild beast, a beast race and I wanted you "

"Do you plead me Gladys, if you want it I want to enjoy my turn, like you earlier I would find great pleasure"

"We can perhaps now kissing"

"Leave me alone, I too feel like you"

Tanya was still sitting on the bench with Gladys kneeling between her thighs open, they looked and they could realize that their relationship had changed, were now two women sensual accomplices who wanted to give pleasure. Tanya already busy on the ribbons of the neck of the dress Gladys, one felt feverish, awkward, troubled by his audacity. After the ribbons, buttons from top to bottom, then the dress that opens and falls to the waist revealing a black bra filled well, the clips falling shoulders revealing the bare chest of Gladys. Breast well trained, less than wholesale but Tanya round, very firm with pink nipples pointing firmly.

Tanya advance his hands on them, he leans forward and her mouth fixed on the left breast, hand and mouth along famously to caress, to kiss. The mouth, lips open and sucks the soft flesh, now is the language that the stud licks swollen, squeezed between two fingers, but we do not see the other breast, the right is kneaded with the other hand Tanya. Gladys is, she is so excited since the beginning, the appearance of Tanya at her door. It's not every day that such beauty is presented for testing dildo. These first caresses the scariest, she dares to believe. She reverses her head, closing his eyes to fully enjoy those touches that lead to orgasmic pleasure. It also touches on tender gestures arms, shoulders, neck Tanya.

Tanya is still sitting, Gladys gets up and gets rid of her dress she sends a walk, she is in panties, panties normal, black, silky buttocks not hiding anything, his legs were sheathed in fine tight bottom half thighs by pretty embroidery, Tanya before she turns to show its anatomy, to show him round his buttocks, stiff. Tanya's attracted to her, stroking her thighs and buttocks. She turns and moves his face, his mouth to these treasures and she begins to lick her buttocks while continuing to caress her.

Tanya is not seated, she knelt to be better placed to lick her and stroke her buttocks, she spreads her mouth and sank into the beautiful canyon of his skate. Gladys ready to caress her, leaning slightly, she closes her eyes, her mouth opens with a groan, and already she is slender and her body undulates. Tanya always returns Gladys knees facing her, his hands caressing her thighs and buttocks, a pass in the arc between the thighs so soft to the touch, so sensitive. His mouth moves forward and the swelling of bites her pussy, her tongue licking on the silk of the pants but that does not last, the frail wall down and threw away. Gladys is naked except for her stockings, she spreads her thighs and nothing precludes the pleasures of the table from the tip of the tongue so expert Tanya between her pussy lips. Gladys has a pussy flower, discreet, shaved, but these little wrinkled lip and fretted well developed in open corola attractive.

The need to find a better position arises and the two beauties in full collusion were quick to find it. But before settling Tanya gets rid of its cobweb and now she is naked lying on the bench on his back, right arm in the bridge, his head resting on the armrest Gladys guide it towards her, facing her in the same direction astride his stomach, his left knee on the arm the other lower on the seat, thighs torn on both sides of his face, vulva height of his mouth. Gladys folding legs is positioned so that the lips of her pussy are a range of language Tanya.

Viewed from behind the scene is disturbing, Tanya naked lying at full length, head between his legs which can be admired Gladys buttocks parted. Tanya has to get his tongue to lick the labia of Gladys and her clitoris hanging pointing. While the agreement was perfect between the two women, Tanya supporting Gladys holding her inner thighs and Gladys in folding more or less, so the language could Tanya at leisure in a relaxed position leave on her tongue between the small lips of the pussy of his lover.

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Wife nude outdoors

The language of Tanya showed vigor, endurance, agility outsized largely out of her mouth if she maddened sensitive mucous membranes and forth between them in which the stirring in all directions. By observing the face of Gladys could measure the effect of this subtle caress, strange at first, after a pleasant time, to become unbearably hot by joyful. So we did not know if pleasure born of that language or agile movements of his rump back and forth who guided his anus to the clitoris blindfolded to the extreme.

Gladys would then join his fingers with that language and fondling her breasts to make a fire against the pleasure that the submerged. By the time Tanya with her fingers spread wide his lips close to better wallow in the wet bottom of the vulva and to penetrate the vagina. When Gladys lowered her head between her legs she saw the face so expressive of Tanya, her look a little lost, which scrutinized the rise of his pleasure, his mouth wide open, the pearls of his teeth and the tongue that made him so well, Then it was she who moved his pelvis back and forth to guide the pink buds of Tanya in the most pleasurable of her pussy torn.

These caresses made the surface so did enjoy several times, the language of Tanya being tireless, stubborn, indiscreet curiosity is diabolical. Then his whole body was racked with spasms, contortions, her breasts became hard, stiffened their tips, she felt her clitoris become imposing any hard drive in his cap and yet a compelling need that arose between her legs to be penetrated than deep within herself and she has returned without being shouted his desire

"Tanya, Tanya my fuck me now as I did with you, I beg Tanya made me this happy"

Then they sat side by side desaccouplerent, accomplices. Gladys went out from under a pillow dildo another of the same type, it rose a little bigger, a little longer, very flexible, instead of an acorn a realistic sort of warhead oblonde, rather long and splines vibrant and still further down the pike a kind of sex is little to excite the clitoris and the labia minora along penetrations.

"Made me enjoy with my baby ... .. I like good deep well penetrations dildo when I go and come in my pussy, feel free to abuse me. ... I like this .... "

Then she gave the craft enjoyable in the hands of Tanya and sat on his knees across the seat arms and head resting on the back, buttocks raised. She also had wonderful buttocks, started on big pussy lips. Her little lips were already swollen from all desire. There are even saw little anus, cute, pink, virgin you it seems.

Tanya began her knees as she also on his right side, his right knee on the seat and his left leg in the span his foot on the carpet. She came in closer, his right hand on the buttocks to support Gladys and tilting her face she put herself in good position for his left hand to present the phallus vulva offered.

Gladys wanted good penetration, it was served, the shaft penetrated her at once and began to go further and come in creamy pussy. Tanya's mouth above his buttocks flooded the canyon's steep line by jets of saliva. A small stream down into the crystalline commissure lubricant anus before flooding torn lips around the shaft.

A short break to put the road vibrations and strong branlage said. Tanya fascinated by the spectacle waved furiously in the dildo pushing it as deep as possible. At the bottom she turned to the little sex abusing the labia minora and clitoris congested Gladys who seemed to enjoy this way to make her come. Gladys punctuated each penetration "Yes. ... Yes" to "Ouiiiii bonnnn is" of "Faster ... yesssss ..."

Tanya then went there with a good heart stirring as the dildo fitted with a dibble, distorting her vulva lips ... ... and it came out completely revealing her pussy gaping open impatience dripping with honey. Then guided warhead plunged into the line of the buttocks, squeezing the anus to pass before sinking a shot in the belly of Gladys. From time to time a sudden slap on the left buttock seemed to like Gladys who called for "stronger ... Stronger" and pat each clutching her buttocks contracted the craft in her vulva.

Gladys shouted his pleasure, his body agitated in every direction, she could no longer hold his position, she lay curled up next to Tanya, his head between the seat and thigh. Thus through the arc of the belly of ebony between tits Tanya wagging that stretched as two shells by gravity, we could see his face grimacing with pleasure, his eyes wild behind his glasses, his mouth open to wailing cries. The orgasm was there, powerful, tenacious, vaginal. Incredibly pleased that despite the gnawing, Gladys put out his right hand to fondle her breasts from underneath Tanya, she weighed, pinching the nipples between his fingers.

For a while Tanya discovered the excitement of giving pleasure, her excitement grew with the enjoyment of Gladys, but when she felt a hand, fingers on his chest, the tips of her breasts she clasped her happiness than the one that it was enjoying. This hand on her belly slut came looking for his cat out of reach, so she clung closer to her breasts resting on the back of Gladys. She felt his fingers between her thighs, three fingers of a diabolical cleverness, the index probably titillating her clitoris and her two neighbors frightening his little lips.

Each now trying to please the other. A missing dimension to my story, the soundscape of the show at the height of its two entwined bodies, their sumptuous buttocks open their vulvas offered: Groans, cries punctuating the upheavals of their bellies, their rumps of their breasts a sort of continuous mewing punctuated ouiiiiiii of ahhhhhouiiiicebommmmm, the faster the stronger of aaahhhh. Bewildered I saw these young women getting wild in their world screaming their pleasure.

At one time Gladys was able to regain red dildo in her hand and her fingers instead of the glans which is advanced by gesticulating, vibrating between the legs of Tanya. Then the body even more closely united. Tanya crawled on their knees to come forward, her breasts now crushed on the buttocks Gladys whose head emerged behind the rump of Tanya. Then was the apotheosis each in its own way, his eyes fixed on their respective dildo thrusting the vulva, titillating lip, Tanya eyes everything goes crazy pistons, Gladys subtle emphasis on the labia minora and clitoral hood. And me dumbfounded, confused I saw these two gorgeous women shaken by spasms of pleasure shared until their collapse, sated, satisfied, satisfied, exhausted, grateful towards each other.

I saw them sitting side by side looking at each other accomplices, each sucking the object that had so much enjoyment, and they shook hands for the first time approached their faces they kissed tenderly.

"So my dear Tanya What do you think of this tutorial? "

"I think we were crazy, but I enjoyed beyond the bearable. ... But I owe you a lot ... .. I know only achieve this degree of pleasure? "

"Without doubt ... ... but you can come back to me ... .. because I too have enjoyed our meeting ... .. you do not mind having took pleasure? "

"No, because without him mine would have been less ... yes ... thank you Gladys I would return.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

You who read me patiently to the end, I introduce myself, tell you who I am. I am a camera, the camera has set the scene for eternity disturbing two women who have given pleasure.

Am I able to tell you, you move, you move as I was, and intrusive passive spectator of this wonderful event.

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