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Sexy saleswoman dildos

Hello, for those who do not know me yet, I start the presentations.

Julie is 18 years my whole stack, blue-eyed brunette with nice shapes and for those who like figures 90C.

This is my third story begins here.

It was today 23/11/10, by restating that all my stories are really experienced and recounted the evening.

This morning I got up, and as I ate lunch every day, turn on my pc and there-What I see I have a mail from a gentleman who told me he had a job for me .

nudist colony girl

Nudist colony girl

I rush to the phone and call, so pressed that I am still in her nightgown.

He picks it discusses me well for twenty minutes and told me that if I'm ready I can just come on msn to make a video chat so that I can "judge" as he says and see what I am able.

I ran, grabbed my laptop lie down in bed and starts the video conversation.

At first I did not realize that the camera is directed towards my breasts that we see taking shape through my very light unbleached white nightie.

He asked me lots of information about me and throws me "If you feel ready, you can start right away"

Immediately I answer "Yes, I am ready What should I do?"

There he says "I'll explain your work will be to solicit people at home and sell them products they select the catalog, if you have any questions do not hesitate"

And hastens to add "Have a demonstration via the net to see what you are worth"

After an hour I sit up and pay more attention.

He tells me about the contract, salary, other positions he can offer me if this one does not suit me.

I told him that for the moment accept the position of steps at home and I can not wait to start.

He asks me if I have dildos, I told him that and he replies yes why I ask this?

hot naked bare pussy

Hot naked bare pussy

Those what he told me that this falls well and we will be able to simulate a sale and he would let me see what arguments do I use and if I'm convincing.

I start at the beginning I stress to be observed and I'm pretty shy, who bought the item the day before and not having ever served me I can not invent how to do?

I launch "Hello Mr. I am part of a society at the doorstep and I sell all items in this catalog, are you interested?"


Ok, can I get you to explain in more detail?

(Of course in saying this I tighten my chest to my bulging breasts and develop, I add that if I'm taking my work clothes specific)

Yes, go ahead and enter.

"I'll let you browse our catalog and if a product you're interested let me know and we'll discuss.

(Meanwhile, I imagine the customer I am preparing my future arguments)

It is up to me ten minutes after selecting a dildo in me a standard size and standard.

I have my dildo in my hand in front of my cam and then wallop of panic I do not know what to do.

He reassured me and told me-Do what you feel and I'll tell you what I think after.

-Ok, just know that I've never used and it is the first time I pass this interview.

I take this subject as called for and explain the features, it measures 27 inches wide, 3cm, and he bends very well to facilitate better penetration, it is operated manually and it provides a lot fun.

-Can you explain the grip miss?

Yes, of course, and mimicking the same time I place my hands on my new toy.

He asks me to better focus the campaign because it is difficult

I do not say anything.

"You can take it in directions it did not matter.

-Can I get a demo?

I hesitate for a moment and tells me I need this job and this could be funny to go in a private home and sell items like this one.

I take off the packaging of the dildo, puts me in the face of the webcam and begins to caress the object up and down, I do come and go in and tucking it out of my mouth, I lick, I puts more and more mouth.

bare naked desires

Bare naked desires

Lean back so he can see properly, raise my nightie and leaves him well as to admire my apricot shaved.

I run the dildo into my mouth, wets well during two minutes of licking, and when I feel ready I spread my legs and notice babydoll limit myself in my travels. I carefully placed the object on my blanket and got up in front of the webcam withdraw entirely my nightie to find myself naked in a line before my future boss that I have never seen in real life.

I let my gaze, my back, leaned forward to grab the dildo and it suggests my anus.

I turn around and make him make up my pussy up to the dildo and starts to penetrate me, he looked excited, and let me do.

For twenty minutes I get excited by sinking the object in the vagina, and doing and just going faster and faster.

Seeing that he likes it, I still have five minutes robs the dildo sex to immediately put me in the mouth and swallow my own cum dripping.

Bravo, thank you I was not expecting much your products have effective air quality

Can there be use anywhere, anytime?

Yes, quite

-Are there any purpose for dildos sodomy? Can t we do it with this one?

"They exist in many different kinds and yes it can be used also to sodomize this one.

-Can I get a demo?

-Mr, I think a demonstration vaginal, I do not even know if I had the right to do so? To the anus is exactly the same thing.

-Is it more effective in the anus or vagina?

"I do not know I've never tried this product.

"You sell a product without knowing how you doing?

"I am a beginner, and I need this sale please.

-Ok, I'll take this and other articles if I can get a demo anal.

I love sodomy but naturally I did not do with plastic.

Okay I'll watch.

I take the dildo stretch out legs in the air on my bed and tickle anus with my new friend. Just a few movements he starts to enter my anal intimacy.

And I begin to come and go quickly, quietly, quickly, I alternate, I push more and plus.Je begins to moan, I continue this dance for a good half hour after that can do more groan I let out a cry and enjoy watching my boss at length here on cam to me to contemplate my ass soaked.

Once completed I remove this object from my body. At that moment he said:

"It is washable how to clean any residue?

-Merely by passing it under water or if you're more naughty by cleaning with your tongue.

"You prefer which solution?

"That depends on the use that I made.

Here, for example, how you clean it?

By-passing under the water.

And if I say I want another solution and I will buy more products.

Without saying a word I seize my wet sex wet, anal a few residues, and I suck, and realize that by pushing it deep into my ass it was dirty and it slightly stays on.

Although I hate it and begins to feel in the room, I pretend nothing and sucks the subject at full length on both sides, even by pushing further into my mouth.

I smell and the passage of some traces in my throat, forcing me to swallow a dildo out again and everything shiny and clean everything out of my mouth.

Thank you for your demonstration, I very pleasant.

bare naked in public naturism

Bare naked in public naturism

-Can there be a simple dildo as this one do a double penetration?

Yes you can but I have not the time to demonstrate mr you're not my only client.

After resuming the conversation with my future boss, and ask all my questions about my compensation, my working conditions, workplace, working hours, there is agreement and accept a cdi 35h/week.

I'm naked to talk to him.

He is glad of having observed, and said he rarely saw sales techniques as convincing. I remember he sent me congratulate the contract within a week. By adding that I can start immediately.

With that, someone rings my door, I put on my nightie and will open it earns me an outfit sexy work, bills pre-filled, a large sports bag containing the goods, and a listing of address .

I return the computer to thank for quick action but it is no longer connected.

I returned to my room to see my new work clothes.

I slipped, it is a G-string blue, red pleated miniskirt a, a very white blouse neckline, pairs of white socks, shoes and classic. I try, turns on myself, I look in the mirror and I realize the lack of bra.

I will do the first day without one and I will claim later

I watch my list of "clients" and I quickly realized that this is my neighborhood.

I ask myself two minutes to think and realize that in less than three hours I became a saleswoman at home.

I open my door and immediately feel the fresh air of wind snuck into my crotch.

Quickly a client, I remember, "YOU ARE PAID FOR SALE".

The number 52, I arrived and rang.

A young girl opens me:

Hello, what's it for?

-Hello, I'm selling home, can I return to explain in more detail?


I have given him my spiel with appropriate forms of politeness, she observes the catalog while I am inquiring about the method of billing.

"I just love to buy some DVDs for my man.

Yes we have full, I show him and directs him according to his preferences.

"She selects three, a lesbian, hetero, and Pissing.

I refrain from any comments on her tastes, and explains the operation of billing.

First sale set in ten minutes, for now I like it fast effective.

Next, 36.

Coming in a flat rented by a couple.

They consult the catalog carefully, and offered me coffee in my indignant scantily such a temperature.

I tell them I have no choice but the dress code was imposed.

Man chooses his girlfriend and a few movies I ordered several clothing.

Thongs, bras, corsets, whips, lubricants.

I take care of the bill, and during that time, the wife of thirty years wonder if I can serve as a "guinea pig" to try some dresses for her daughter who has the same build as me.

I accept without too much difficulty, PAY FOR SALE. She asks me to try all five of underwear.

-Can I borrow the bathroom or toilet?

-Do not make no fuss you see change here directly.

Without saying anything, and while her husband looks in the DVD I remove blouse / mini skirt and quickly found myself completely naked before her.

I put the clothes she asks me, she admires me thinking about his daughter and calls her man for what he thinks.

"I prefer the green.

-Can you put the green?


And the husband stands there speechless, seeing me naked at home.

I have all green on me as it approaches and passes Match Me support gorge.Elle his hand under the bra and grabs my breast and kneaded with one hand.

Her husband is also starting to get closer, then I wonder how to react?


I drive them away? I yield? PAY TO THE SALE.

While I ask myself these questions, she continues to knead my right breast on the other hand she stimulates her man.

I find myself among strangers bare with me a woman and a ball cock in the air that is being done to masturbate?

I struggle at first, and insists she observes, she is also naked and then I discovered that she is well proportioned. It pants down around his wife.

-If you do not want me to take my husband.

No, I can ....

No sooner did I delivered the "no" that I am caught, brought to its knees and that her sex enters fully into my mouth.

I suck very long, softly, I feel sex grown under my tongue, it becomes hard.

I am resigned grasps with one hand and while the shaky I continue my oral sex.

Women break all control grabs the camcorder and started filming.

I suck her husband before her, and she caresses herself while filming the vagina.

The man grabbed my face and pushes me as much as possible in the throat, I can not breathe. It relaxes the grip withdraws sex and leaves near my face.

In the next minute he m'ejacule above, I dripping face.

The wife says: It's in the box, thank you.

The woman gets all the bag of items that I brought. The husband takes me, lifts me and throws me out.

The door slams, I have nothing, I'm naked in the street dirty, no clothes, and I've lost all stocks of the month.

I stay there for two minutes time to realize what just happened.

I quickly realized that they forced me hand and took everything.

Without check, without anything, naked in the street I walk towards my house, get there quickly because cold encourages me to accelerate.

Fortunately my door was not closed I go on, and go home on the couch full of cum on her face and breasts and I started crying, saying that it's over I'm fired.

Thank you for having taken this first day of work.

I will keep you hoping he will understand me and do not put me at the door.

Possibly if I can I'll tell my upcoming auctions.

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