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I'm addicted

I've already talked about my meeting with my lover. He had spent nearly an hour, safe area of the motorway, take me as I had never been taken before. I had that day made acquaintance with the pleasures that I did not even think they can exist. We met a few times since then and we decided that j'amenagerais with him in his luxury apartment in the European capital where he worked: Brussels.

He was a diplomat in parliament, and several times I went to visit him at his office, where I had slipped under his desk for the pumping length. It has happened that it lasts a whole before noon. I had continued my studies in school, at nineteen, I was in fifth grade. My parents insisted that I get my certificate of higher secondary education.

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Naturist beaches Crete

That day, bored of math, I started thinking about my boyfriend, and a mad desire to feel I am caught. Thirty seconds after starting it, my underwear were soaked and I was sweating I was so excited. I never wanted more, I rose from my chair and left in full swing to take the subway to join. The day before he told me about a promotion he had obtained, and insisted on going to bed early. I was ready to go the reward today.

As with all my visits, I walked into the building and mounted on the fourth floor, where I entered his office. He was decorated with a beautiful plaque with his name, there was a carpet, and a huge office in the place which I liked, there was dark because it was very big and he was facing the window . He was gone. Surely diplomatic meeting. I hid under the table and began to wait, excited and wet. I'd love him his surprise.

Twenty minutes later the door opened and I saw his legs sit in the office. I recognized his gray trousers, and when he approached her legs, I stroked. He had not come to a meeting, but the gym, his muscles were prominent. He allowed himself to do, I pulled on his legs and drew her chair with wheels to me. I heard he was recovering at work. He did that sometimes when he had a lot of work.

I totally blocked my only light input, and it was dark, I was more excited about having to go groping for his body to open his pants. He was more excited than usual. In general, it was still standing at the time, but today I felt a strong erection already there when I put my tongue on his glans. I licked with envy, but I forced myself to hold me to put me straight to the suck. I wanted above all to please him, drink his semen when he would have enjoyed would be my pleasure to noon.

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Naturist beaches Brittany

When his race was completely wet, I thrust it into my mouth. usual, I took my time before taking it deep in throat, but today he had doubled his salary, I had to make him happy, and decided that I would completely blow job like that.

His penis went in very quickly in contact with the bottom of my throat, and I expected to feel a second in his other hand on my head to kiss my mouth happily. I sucked and pumps harder than ever. I heard moaning, and completely relaxed in his chair, he let me do it! For the first time he left me alone master's pleasure. I enjoyed the inside of the trust he placed in me and went back to work.

I was very surprised when after only a minute, he ejaculated. And large saccades and more. I thought he had cleared this morning, but that he enjoyed as if it had not been touched for three months. Happy, I swallowed it all before pushing slightly to show him my empty mouth, protruding tongue and eyes closed.

The "thank you miss" that followed me paralyzed with shame: it was not her voice! I could not answer that "... but this is not your office ..." "No, following a promotion, I got it, whatever you are looking for is now in the sixth, but thank you anyway." The man grabbed me by the arm before you throw me out.

Ashamed, I went to the sixth floor via the elevator. I had the impression of being watched by everyone. Arrival at destination I asked my husband's office, and we quickly informed me his secretary's office, he had to cross to get to his. I knocked before entering the office of the secretary. it was empty and the door in front of me was ajar. I went for a look, before blushing.

MY male was standing in front of a woman with long red hair, herself on her knees, back with me. He held her hair firmly, and I recognized the characteristic sound of brutal blowjob he loved. I was angry and I was ready to return as a rufie in the office when I realized two things: first, he kept the hair and pulled over as he gently squeezed my head . The second was that since the thirty seconds that I watched, he did not always let me breathe while I was entitled to a resumption of air every ten seconds.

In fact, he does not deceive me, he evacuated his fantasies with other cattle. He respected me. I began to seriously wet, turned and locked the door of his secretariat. I knelt before the door and began to caress me. I was also excited that the first time I saw him.

He let her bliss, and the wide net that linked his drooling mouth to cock my man showed aggression he put. He replied immediately, after tearing her blouse and white bra. I grazed orgasm. three minutes passed like this, with only two breaths to the secretary.

He then returned and pulled up her black miniskirt. I heard a woman begging him to take the "fuck me, fuck me I'm a whore." And there, at one relief, he put on a condom before resuming. She screamed with pleasure as the first kidney shot, and continued throughout the duration of the act. She was sweating, but less than me, three fingers buried in my wet pussy that quivered violently, I licked his chops.

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Naturist beaches Frances

In his drawer, my man took out a jar of lubricant, and sprinkled the anus of the Secretary. after a few hugs, there plunged three fingers and continued his comings and goings. He quickly leave her cunt despite pleas by the secretary "no no, sorry, not stop, fuck me, fuck me." but she cried again with pleasure when huge cock my nigga it broke through the anus. She was on all fours in front of my male, who took her with a smile, and I came to eject a few drops of my pussy as I enjoyed. I realized then that I should let him sodomize me if I wanted to keep it to myself. I was wildly excited at the idea.

I was horrified when the gaze of other woman crossed mine, but even when she licked her lips looking. My man had good taste, she was beautiful, sexy and very beautiful. At each stroke of the kidney, she uttered a little cry. I saw an alliance with her finger, she would also fulfill a fantasy. I returned to all fours in the office. My male stopped and looked at me, embarrassed. "Kiss me again, bastard" shouted the secretary. "Fuck it", I say simply, crouched above the node where they met the secretary of the anus and cock my man. I laid a lick here, and shoved two fingers in the pussy of secretary who turned his head to make me a wink.

I finger like I'd fingered, remembering well tickle the clit, and by continuing to lick her anus at the same time as the member who gave me the opulent pleasure three times a day. Two minutes as well, and my man ejaculated in the anus deep open his new colleague.

When he saw me that same lick anus, to get every drop of his sperm, he asked me what I was doing.

"I do not know," I said ...

"I'm addicted."

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