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Christine and her experiences

Christine promised me a surprise. I expected at all. But I did not know what. She had a highly developed imagination erotically. Always ready for games, inventions original situations, exciting.

Christine, a young brunette, hair saloon, and large enough in the flesh (but small breasts but very sensitive to touching). She always loved to show to strangers. See them get excited and, sometimes, often, go farther. Great erotic imagination? The outfits that showcased (I was suggesting to him often). The show seemed to show her very "normal" almost "natural". Why not give pleasure to others while you yourself enjoys it? - She said. Erotic games with multiple men or women. She loved. Adored.

I speak of her past because I do not see her very rarely.

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Nudist colony girl

One evening, call Christine at a friend with whom I went on a "text" that I should give him urgently. I told him I'll be there around 20 pm No problem she told me, you see a guy I met who will spend the night at home, I hope you do not mind.

No objection (I've always been very tolerant).

At 20 pm sharp, she opens the door. I kiss her. She is wearing a super mini skirt, leather boots, a little "high" that highlights its small and beautiful breasts. However, I am quite surprised that she has covered this outfit I thought she did that "for me" in private.

"Why are you surprised, you know I love you. And you love me to be indecent, a little bitch - as you say "

I accept his comments. She is so fuckable, my fingers under her skirt flowing moods harvest, fragrant, sticky. However, I am quite jealous knowing she will miss him (the type collected) provide access to its visible underneath his rags flowing small towels trying in vain to cover.

I meet this Robert, a man quite portly, polished, not young (between 60 and 70). We drink a glass. Christine looks at me with sparkling eyes full of innuendo. I know what she wants. However, I dare believe it, absolutely. It will show that I know. That does not bother me at all. On the contrary. I love the show. Or she shows to other men before me. It excites me enough. She has always loved the outfits "indecent" and bring them with me (and not only). I like to see it looks. She shows her little below which conceal nothing, or almost. How many times did she whispered, opening her legs, one type of Mataitai and how it made her wet.

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Man naturist photos

I go to my computer in my office. Anxious and very excited. I finished my text pretty quickly. Then I go to the salon. I am invisible. I look. Surprise ...

He is standing, she sits. She opened his fly and is trying to stroke his balls. She loves it, I know. She fiddles with the kneaded as she knows so well. He lowered his pants, revealing her big white cotton panties. She continues to fiddle from his left hand between her buttocks over her panties. I band, surprised not to react differently. I like it? Sure. She goes down a little slip and catch his hand on his big balls. (Christine has always confessed love the big balls, big enough to his taste!) She titillates the kneaded again and again. She released the cock and sucks it eagerly. Then suddenly she turned and offered him her beautiful ass. He kisses her, can he really. I do not know. I enjoy it and before I withdrew quietly, quickly. The emotion has been strong. Why does it excites me to see both Christine scabrous in these situations?

I go back twenty minutes later. Everything is in order, apparently. They discuss. I drink a glass with them.

I'm Christine apart for a little chat. I swear she did nothing "special". I told her to believe her. She said, however, it has shown a little but it is quite "normal." I agree and it shows itself is by no means outrageous. Kissing, caressing. She is all wet. It is often very wet ..

She said: "I have an idea, what do you think. If we invited Carole and Michael to finish the evening. It is not very late, you're tired and I'm sure you will love to see Carole? "

I indeed want to see Carol, a beautiful young brunette woman as Christine, and very feminine forms for which I have a lot of cravings. Christine, I know, has had several relationships with Michael. I do not blame him. It is a handsome, charming, tall, intelligent.

She said "I call them - they live in five minutes.

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Nudist swinger shower videos

Half an hour later we rang at the door. They are there. Carole is wearing very sexy: short skirt, white boots, little top exposing her stomach, breasts and shapely molded highlighted. Him, he is the handsome guy can dream that all working girls.

The evening will be "interesting."

They brought bottles. We drink every five a few drinks, nibble on some goodies. We talk a lot. Background music, soft lighting.

Eros is slowly coming.

Carol is beautiful, I like it very much. It does not seem indifferent to my attention. We kiss, rubbed. Se whispers in his ear a few soft words.

They call me the phone! That's the text I just finished so quickly. The conversation lasts. I am absent from the scene for nearly half an hour.

Impatient, I'll be back.


Surprise! Christine is in a corner, she has to get fucked by Michel. She resumed as soon as she saw me, a little embarrassed, she adjusts her skirt. She throws me a look full of complicity and love.

I do not blame him. I know. She likes to be put in places and unusual situations. She has a small side "collector" she readily admits.

We are getting a little place to talk.

Cons by Carole continues to suck and fiddle Robert. I am shocked, almost jealous. Seeing me, she stops for a moment. And continues to "work" with a great application. As to excite me to know that she likes debauchery.

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We meet a few minutes later. To speak. It would be so much wanted to do all this with me - she said. She confesses that she is even more slutty than Christine. I asked myself that it proves. "I'll prove it, you'll see! "

That's for later ...

We caress, kiss. We say more later, his eyes misty, sad.

I finished the evening with Christine, she tells me everything she did. She told me that if I brought him a stranger, right away, she would give him to me. I refuse to satisfy her wild cravings.

We sleep entwined like innocent love.

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