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An old owner very vicious

We are a couple, married for just over a year, looking for an apartment for the month of July of this year 2010. Mercy was 24, she was assistant business. Physically, I find it cute and well done and I know it's not only me to love the looks of other men who cross: it is brown, shoulder-length hair, it measures 1.67m for 56kg . I am brown, short hair and I am cute too.

We visited an apartment directly with the owner, a retiree of 62 years, divorced and living alone. It is a big beefy with a beautiful cake. The apartment we liked a lot but at the end of the visit the owner has announced a И 100 surcharge on rental claiming he had a lot of access. Was beyond our means, unfortunately, so we withdrew. But the owner called me late in the day by asking me to go alone because we were nice and he could make a move. So I went without Clemence.

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Topless nudist girls

The owner asked me to reduce the rent of 150 И if I could see Clemence undress regularly every month. I was very surprised by the request but we were stuck because we had given our notice where we live and the apartment we liked so much that I accepted without knowing what it's really going to happen.

We met again the following Saturday to sign the papers. The owner had requested that Clemence is dressed in a skirt or dress. Considering the weather, it was not difficult to convince my wife because often dresses like that. So she put a little summer dress. When we arrived at the owner, I noticed her look vicious on Clemence. She's noticing it because I felt embarrassed. After the signatures, the owner offered us an aperitif toast but often what we had emptied our glasses quickly. And each time we filled them. To me he served with three glasses of whiskey, every time, more than a single dose. Clemence had the right to 3 glasses of vodka and orange. We are accustomed to drink, especially Clemence, so that it was spinning a bit. The owner, I would call Mr. R wanted to talk to me quietly on the pretext that he wanted to show me a piece he had rebuilt himself. In fact, he said he would allow us to revisit the apartment in every 2 minutes that would follow and that I should completely suits me to unbutton her dress and fondle Clemence. We went back to my wife. I told him that Mr. R would allow us to go see the apartment.

When she got up, I saw she was a little drunk. Arrived in our new apartment, we were very happy already imagining where would this or that piece of furniture. In the kitchen, I started to stick to the face Clemence pressed against the base units at the sink, as I had asked the owner. I started to kiss her while caressing her breasts through the dress. Soon, her breasts began to point to. I started to unbutton her top of her dress to the navel. She ended up topless as she had not put bra. I find that her breasts are cute little apple with a 90b tits. She began to tell me it was risky so I told him that we were at home now. She left fondle her breasts. I was very excited to know that the owner Mataitai without knowing precisely where he was. I began to suck the nipples while squeezing her breasts gently. I kept him completely unbutton her dress while kissing her breasts. I'm down to admire and also to give a better view to estimator.

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Lesbian nudist girls

Then again I'm stuck to her to kiss her and slide a hand into her thong. She was already wet. Clemence started me fiddling sex through my shorts. The situation was very exciting. I would tickle the clit which was beginning to make her moan. I then fingering. When she wanted to get my sex, I knelt down so it does not do it so that Mr. R see my gear. I removed her thong and start licking. She began to moan louder. After few minutes she asked me to come. But I continued to lick. It was at this time that Mr. R was found, whereas this was not planned, asking if he does not bother us. We jumped and I soon found, wiping my mouth. Clemence wanted to get dressed but he said he would do it. And he soon found himself face to her to loosen up her dress complimenting on her flat stomach, her chest and her pretty thong. Clemency was quite shameful, but she let it. Mr. R did it gently. I saw him take the breasts of Mercy full hand to press gently. He said "you have firm breasts and soft, that I see very sensitive" regardless of my presence. He continued to put the buttons while descending gradually. At the bottom, he fell through one knee.

When he attempted to remove the string, Clemence said timidly, "not that." Then he got up and he dropped his pants and underwear, saying "Now you've seen my penis, as it will be equal." And what sex! A very big tail and long enough and was straight into full erection. I was stuck. Clemence and also because she had a bewildered look with open mouth. Gave him a knee, after cleaning up his piece, to avoid the string of Clemence and made comments like "It's a very nice shaved pussy and there was not like when I was young ". He gave up the string by touching her pussy probably because Clemence let out a little moan. He stood up and told us he was waiting for us at home because he was going to put a pizza oven. When he left, Clemence was embarrassed and a bit angry because I did not say anything. I told him I had been taken over and I was not expecting this.

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Whild beach nudists photos

We went back to Mr. R. He asked us to go in the lounge. When he joined us with a bottle of champagne, he asked Clemenza sit in the little chair. I understood why when she sat in it: she was depressed because he had not held. Her dress is found it rising on her thighs. And as Mr. R as proposed cakes appetizers Clemence, her dress went back for more because my wife was forced to move forward to catch what he was proposing. And he did not hesitate to put down. At one point, Clemence asked timidly Mr R where was the toilet. He stood up to help my wife get up and he went with her to the toilets by holding the waist. Clemence had trouble standing. Arrived before the WC, which was visible from living room, he put his hand on the buttocks and said "beautiful little ass and very firm." Mercy is not protested. He opened the door. She came and when she wanted to close the door, Mr. R's hold as he said in an assertive manner "leave the door open and do what you have to do."

I saw Clemence shameful, no doubt sit down and her thong, something I have not seen since Mr. R was before. Then I heard the owner say "Give me that and stand up by holding your dress and stick to my arm." Seeing the head of Mercy over the shoulder down slightly from Mr. R, I assumed he was wiping his privacy. I was on my ass and unable to react. When they came back in the lounge, Clemence was shameful and I realized she was excited about seeing her nipples point. This time, she sat without worrying that her dress is rising. Indeed, at one point I thought I saw it was more string. I learned later that he had completely withdrawn into the toilet. Mr. R has continued to serve us champagne. The conversation turned to sex and Mr R recounted his exploits that were more kisses than love.

At one point, he slipped during the conversation, the size of her sex, ie 25x6. Leniency surprised me by responding and releasing a "is not possible?". And there, the owner stood up and said "you'll see." He quickly down his trousers and underpants. It did not bind completely but it was already impressing with his big pair of balls. He went to Clemence and he asked her to take in hand to do bend at the bottom. She refused so he took her hand to ask it. I saw again the stares of my wife holding the machine. I started saying to stop because we thought the size of her sex. But he asked me in an assertive manner to get in his office, a rule. I went there and when I returned, Clemence was being gently masturbate his prick Mr. R well. Seeing me, he asked me to pass the rule to my wife. When I passed him, she looked at me in shame.

Mr. R asked to measure and give the result. Clemence has positioned the rule taking the big cock while trembling slightly and she said 25. Mr R Clemence told "you see I was not lying." Clemence was all red and she has sketched a little embarrassed smile. He said "your turn to Julie." I told him that knew Clemence size of my penis so it was not worth it. "Therefore, he asked Clemence size. She replied shyly" 14cm. "He asked me if the 'had already measured. She nods "no" to the head, all embarrassed. Then he asked her how she knew. She told him it was me who had told him. He wanted to know and how he really insisted that I unpack my tail. I was not proud when Clemence came the measure at the request of Mr. A. And when she announced 13cm, I had the air con. But I think we are all alike in wanting to add 1cm.

I put my boxers and my shorts, while Mr R remained in the air sex always being bandaged. "Now that you've measured it is for us to know how your clit." It grows Clemence to sit down in the armchair. He kneels before her and he unbuttoned the bottom of the dress. At this moment I have confirmation that it no longer has his string. Her pussy is soaked. Mr R noticed it because he said "it looks like you enjoyed it to measure the tail." Clemence was shameful. And when Mr. R put his thumb on her clit, she uttered a little moan, closing his eyes. He continued to move his thumb up and down or rotating it. Leniency did not stop moaning. I felt she was not far from enjoying.

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Short haired nudist girls with small tits

When Mr. R was examined to begin to lick her clit, I started to cum in my boxers without even touching me, while he placed himself at the same time fingering what triggered the orgasm my wife. She arched while clinging to the chair and yelling. I'd never seen her come like that. I went to the toilet to remove my sperm up on me and my boxers. It was at that moment that I heard a rattle Clemence push ever, then a few seconds after she started to moan like crazy. I thought he had penetrated but I could not think that Clemence has agreed. Yet when I came back in the lounge, I see Mr. R Clemence keep the size and make it come and go on his tail. Mercy's eyes are closed and mouth open to moan at all costs. It is not possible in a state. I've never seen him like that. The fucking asshole for at least 30 good minutes in which to enjoy the 3 times I still think given the screams that pushed my wife at times. He gets to ejaculate on her stomach and pussy of my wife. She even received a little on her dress. Clemency seems exhausted and she keeps her eyes shut as Mr. R gets up to fetch a drawer in a handkerchief and wipe the cum on Clemence.

After that we moved here to sleep in her room because we are not fit to drive. I agree and Mr. R takes us into his room by paying a T-shirt Clemence who undresses while in a trance and advanced fatigue. She goes to bed without me even a little kiss and Mr. R asks me to come with him in the living room and let her sleep. I am still very excited by what I saw but also amazed that all this happened. He pulls out a bottle of digestive and he speaks without embarrassment of Mercy and the pleasure he had to kiss a girl as young and pretty. Despite that, I heard the bands I talk like that to my wife. I was also very tired and I fell asleep listening to him talk to me.

I woke up at night without knowing where I was, without doubt the effects of alcohol. It took me several seconds to realize where I was. I find my laptop to see what time it is almost 3 hours. It is very dark inside the apartment, except for a slight glow that I see in the hallway. I detect a slight noise and gradually as I wake, I understand that were groans of Clemence. I rise to direct me to the light and I understand it comes from the room. Arriving at the open door, I'm surprised my wife straddling Mr. R. He is lying on his back. They are illuminated by the lamp. I can not believe the move sensually to see in this old arching back, resting on the thighs of Mr. R, while he caresses her lovely breasts. He goes down her hands on her stomach and then his grip size. It helps Clemence up and down on his big cock. And it's even better when using slides her hands under her big ass. She puts her hands on the chest of Mr R moaning louder and louder. He's rocking take on the missionary. Clemency thighs and legs wide apart in the air, maintained by the forearm of Mr. R. he kisses her aggressively, pulling strong moaning to my wife who seems to cling to this man's buttocks. He slowed for most sensuously kiss. I see the hands of Clemence buttocks release of Mr. R to go stroke his back.

It takes a few minutes like that until he regains his breakneck pace, which very quickly this time, in fact from Clemence a huge orgasm. There are some moments in it, without moving, while Clement is still trying to enjoy. The orgasm is long. Then he retires to kneel. His tail is really huge. He will lie beside, opposite me, and he made it clear to Clemence to put themselves on the side so she comes face to me. The bedside lamp illuminates his chest that seems pretty inflated. Her nipples point. I like a sick band and especially like an idiot when she makes me cuckold although the effect of alcohol there for much. But she is so horny. I see her open her mouth at the same time she moaned. Mr. R has probably penetrated again. He is the leg to put it on his own while kissing her. Clemence moaned louder. He go his hand on my wife's body, stopping often on her breasts. He pressed, pinched nipples what excites more Clemence. I feel I'll enjoy then I'll go and fetch a tissue.

As soon as I have, I enjoy masturbating for me because I just heard my wife still have a big orgasm. I sit on the couch to recover. A few seconds later, I hear again Clemence moaning continuously. I go back to the bedroom door and I see 4 legs in the process of getting caught on all fours. Mr R sensually kisses by holding the hips. He slid his big paws on the back of my wife to caress her, then her breasts. He then brings his hands but on the size this time. Clemence looks fragile with those big hands around her waist. Mr. R started going back and forth more manly that destabilizes Clemence collapses, moaning louder than ever. She laid her head on her forearm, so that his ass will fall more curved than before. Mr R fucking long in this position. By the time he holds her by the hair pulling that traces the head of Mercy by making moan even louder. Mr. R began to speak:

- You like my dick, bitch?

Clemency does not respond but she seems to appreciate what he said in anger over again.

- Tell me that you loved my big dick.

- Ouuuuiiii

I'm surprised she replied with the most "yes" languid.

- Tell me better than that.

He said that giving him a little slap on the buttocks. I never dared to do that.

- Yes, I love your sex ... it is big ... I feel good.

I can not believe she dares say that. At the same time she said that, I see her having an orgasm phenomenal: she starts screaming like crazy by moving your head. It is unrecognizable. Mr A retires quickly by making her cum on her ass and on his back. They are a time like this: Clemence with his ass in the air and Mr. R with its tail in his hand which gradually disbanded.

Clemence completely collapses on the bed on his belly. Mr R rises from bed to go digging into an order. It shows a towel. He returns to the bed to wipe the semen on the body of Mercy. Then he leans over to kiss his ass. It goes to the head of Clemence and he said something in his ear that I can not hear. I see Clemence make a nod, smiling shyly. When I see Mr. A get out of bed, I rush to the toilet for me to go jerk off and besides, I still enjoy fairly quickly with very sexual images in mind. When I leave the bathroom, I see Mr. R sitting on the couch. He did not even bother to get dressed. When I get near him, he is smiling.

- Very good to kiss your little Clemence. A good tight pussy and dripping. In addition, very expressive.

I was speechless especially since it is not as expressive with me.

- Go, go and join because I'd like to sleep.

I went into the room and me rolling in the sheets, I found that Clemence was still naked, sleeping. I finally managed to fall asleep easily without doubt due to my many ejaculations.

The next day was as if nothing had happened to Mr R. By cons, Clemence huddled against me crying and saying she would not deceive me when Mr. R had penetrated on the couch. I reassured him it was because of alcohol. For cons, I was quite uncomfortable because it does not tell me about this meeting very sexual in the room. She must have thought that I had not seen them.

So this is how the first contact began as a tenant with our new owner.

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