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On the way back

This is Julie, it's going everyone? I got out of police custody yesterday. For those who want details read the story before.

Still 18 years, beautiful shapes.

After the concert were Christophe Mae au Zenith de Lille today. I was invited I never pay to see such a singer. I went home, alone, underground. At 23:45, there 'not many people in the subway. As I listen to my habits and my music continues my book. I was alone in the train to a stop when I saw three young men sit in front of me.

nudist resorts for men

Nudist resorts for men

I continue reading that describes an erotic scene, so the story goes I spread my legs and my hand under my thong. I masturbate to the rhythm of the history of ass, totally forgetting that just three men sitting in front of me watching me.

One of them got up and come to my level, while in the subway gets three young girls at the other end of the train, I open his jeans and stroking through his shorts.

Seeing the other two blush, I wake myself up in the middle of the train and begins a striptease at the sight of young girls, having ears in the song "Buttons" Pussycat Dolls.

adult naturist resort

Adult naturist resort

With the rhythm of the music I put my book, grab the handrail and excited about the metro. I'm lowering my first miniskirt revealing my charter to all my public and then removing my T-shirt I reveal my full nudity in this subway car just completed for a Saturday night.

In pursuing my dance invite my three males to join me.

I caress one after the other through their jeans is a nice respectively for each bump.

I have about twenty-off, when I begin to undress. Always under the gaze of the young ladies outraged by the situation, I begin my three blowjobs at the same time, alternating regularly between the two genders around me.

It was then that got to the stop "Fors of Mons," two friends go up and not slow to discover our "show". Without me to pray I ask them to join us, the three girls leaving the subway embarrassed and I am only surrounded by five yards erected around the visage.Je sucks all the cocks for ten randomly stop, I run hard all her gender long and hard, when a lady about 60 years up in the subway. She quickly realizes this is happening because when she turns her head in our direction I get an initial spurt in my hair. Yet she remains undeterred and continues her knitting. After one is two, then three ejaculations I feel run down my face.

nudism family resort

Nudism family resort

Arrive at the stop "HOSPITAL DRON" I covered my partners and seed leave the subway. Remain on the platform, leaving two others continue to enjoy their fellatio. Once you have all received in the mouth and swallowed me all entered one after the other anally and vaginally no.

After an hour of sweeping these three men, I asked for double penetrations while I sucked the third. Again they alternated so that each can bugger me and my file full of cum flooded her pussy.

Each had to leave and I stayed with Anthony the oldest, 36ans.

It was two o'clock in the morning, exhausted when I get dressed slowly said. I ask you one question, if you respond well I let you go, if you answer wrong I give a pledge to do before leaving. I accept such player after handing string, shoes, miniskirts and T-shirt.

Came the fateful moment "Do you know what footed the morning, two at noon, three in the evening?". After a good ten minutes thinking I let go "I give my tongue to the cat." He looks at me and says "That man, he was born four blocks walking into an adult, and dies with a cane."

I set aback, not knowing what to expect.

He watches me in detail and tells me to ignore.

J'obtempere, I feel a tightening band come over my eyes.

It looks to me door and takes me somewhere ....

I woke two hours later, I feel a salty smell, I would ask. "Where am I". In response, a single light illuminates.

"You are at home, I've made here are two different hours, I prepared everything we can begin."

I feel a lot of movement around me, I said "Your pledge is just a small sampling of two foods.

nudist resort fun

Nudist resort fun

I wonder more and more questions. "Reassure yourself that nothing bad between us"

He said, "In the meantime get undressed." I recognize the smell of my home and therefore without fear and obey one to one takes away my clothes, must recognize that the blindfold is not clear.


A voice hastens to answer "Yes yes it happens." And I hear the door open, more footsteps, then the door closes. "Just open your mouth, I'll leave the band, we do the rest"

Having no idea what is about to happen I co ...

Finally I start to feel movements come and go in my mouth, I hear voices that I do not know, I quickly realized the magnitude of the pledge. I'm surrounded by sex male erection just waiting to swear.

I'm kneeling on the ground, blindfolded, mouth open. "If you want you stop I will oblige you to anything, but you've understood it is a group of friends, we all want to make you cum over and suck"

- "As in the subway you looked hard to love sex I had the idea of bukkakke, we respect you as soon as you want to stop saying it." I hasten to answer "Do you ever stop my fantasy is to make a bukkakke.

No sooner had I finished my sentence, a first ejaculation filled me mouth. I tend my arms as possible to masturbate yards with my hands, while all one after another plunge his craft in the throat.

I feel the big, wide, small, large, and clean the dirty, etc. ....

And I regularly get spurts of right, left, front, rear landing in my hair, face, directly in the throat, tongue, eyes, breasts. All are different some are huge other minute.

All Throttle as in porn movies, empty, are to suck revident. I feel completely spoiled I love it, I feel the semen stretched, ran, spreading love all over me.

Then for ten minutes I hear lots of noise but do not get anything, I tend my arms, looking with my hands, got up, groping, go around the room, nor anything everything seems deserted.

I'm off in the shower to wash and sleep peacefully on my sofa.

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