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Lately, I have new neighbors. In front of my apartment, on the other side of the courtyard, along the top floor.

A young couple in the 25 to 30 years. With me, it does not have curtains, home either. Barely ten meters away from my windows of their own.

In the evening after dark and lit it ... it's like on TV ... and more alive. When they return home, they begin to ease, ie ... in their underwear, always white. Well damn them both. I attend live their lives in little couple. I still suspected of being slightly exhibitionist (?). It is impossible that they do not realize because they need me too, and myself, I do not disdain, far away, I walk almost naked in my apartment ...

classic nudist pictures

Classic nudist pictures

The other night it was hot as hell, the windows were open everywhere. I took the air at my window in his underwear. About 23h, I see into their room and continue laughing. Soon, the girl catches her boyfriend and the plate on the bed. Follows a long languorous kiss. Then slowly, the girl down to her boyfriend's underpants. Languidly, she walks her face on his white boxer, she sniffs, it annoys the cock through the fabric, the elastic ajar and plunges her face into the undergarment. To see him waving on the bed, I guess it annoys him cock. Suddenly, I feel inflate mine in my pants and I lean a little harder on the railing. It then changed its position to begin a 69, but still keep their underpants. The man tilt the boxer and his girlfriend begins to annoy its language. His girlfriend did the same with her boyfriend's cock. A 69, what! They sensually caress both on the body ... Charming show!

It lasts quite a while and then they change position again so that man can take it doggy style. He kept his pants but has reached his cock and slid into the crack of his girlfriend's panties and starts to penetrate slowly. Certainly, these two seem to love the pants!. It was at that moment he looked up and I'm sure he saw me in my underwear at my window, holding them to watch. Thus I was convinced they were exhibitionists. Because he had no reaction of shame or whatever, on the contrary, he continued to grind her friend looking at me from time to time ... At one point, he had to say something because it was found kneeling on the bed facing the window and was impaled on the cock of her boyfriend, offered me the sight of her breasts kneaded by hands of her boyfriend in action behind his back. Magnificent spectacle that fills my soul to my lips and cock on fire. It's too beautiful, these two are too.

Nudist tits and pussy. Close up

Nudist tits and pussy. Close up

After a while, they change position yet to find the position of the classic "missionary". This time, he removed the panties of his girlfriend and his and his girlfriend pounded more and more furiously. They slipped slightly from the bed, legs apart bear on the ground. She grips the size of her legs crossed. During all these antics, his gaze seemed stuck in mine, across the courtyard to the point that I imagine it to me he makes love! At the speed of his frantic comings and goings, I guess it is on the verge of explosion. I hear his cry of much enjoyment. This is too much. I plunge my hand n my panties and caresses me furiously. He falls on his girlfriend and then goes on with her, fully available both in my eyes. Shocked, I returned to my bed, completely excited. That's when the lights go out in front. I glance. They'll probably fall asleep, exhausted. No, they come to their windows, take a little chill of the night, completely naked. So I have an idea. I have to return the favor of the sexy show me they "offered". As I am alone, there is not thirty-six possibilities ... I stroked my length throughout insisting on my white pants. I plunge my hand and I slowly underway. I drop a little more fabric and this time, more and more frantically. I'm sure they see me, it excites me even more. At the time of enjoyment, I m'arc-end, stretched like a bow and I squirting long jets of hot. I fall back on the bed.

Nudist girl pussy. Close up

Nudist girl pussy. Close up

The next evening, on returning, I find under my door with a paper folded in half: "As part of the celebration of panties (white), we invite you to a drink with us. At this evening." No signature but the phrase "white panties" makes me immediately think of my neighbors across the street. To 21h, so I rang home with the little paper.

"- Is well with you that ...?

- Yes, come in! Welcome! "

They put me in their apartment, both dressed in white (T-shirts and tight shorts feature). The apartment is bathed in soft light created by a dozen candles in orange candles. A soft relaxing music envelops everything. But what most catches the eye is a good score of briefs and boxers hanging three white son with beautiful clothes pins green fluorescent. They just do the laundry, it's decor! Even more surprising, on the mantel, there are seven or eight molded gender, erect, erection, bronze, silver or gold. I can hardly get my eyes and I see them both smile. A sex golden, monstrous, beyond all others. I designate the finger.

"- Black is beautiful! 23 cm!" Leah throws me in a laugh.

"- As you see we're a fan of white briefs, hence the invitation, ok?

- I see, I see ... "I think even recognize one of my panties that I had lost for a while ... Not lost for everybody!

Immediately they offered me a cocktail which they do not want me to reveal the composition, just the ginger ... And the conversation starts to roll naturally. It is true that they are very very nice. But it quickly turns to sex and it remains locked on that, which is not displease me.

Yes, they are fetish white underwear, Yes they are exhibited and therefore voyeurs - it's the same-, they are bi Yes, Yes they are swingers, nudists Yes they are, Yes they love it. It is said with such simplicity and naturalness that everything goes without any discomfort. The cocktails are linked alternately with large slices of fruit - melons, watermelons ...-.

Beach nudist pussy. Close up photo.

Beach nudist pussy. Close up photo.

Feeling hot, Thibaut offers me "- If you want, it makes you a little parade, ok?" Already they are standing and undressing to find both in white muslin ... boxers who draw very many forms - especially to himself. And here they are marching like two mannequins pros, undulating hips and caressing coquinemment after each journey. After each round trip, they get a new slip on a son and donned in the back of the room, only to reappear soon. It is true that they possess the full range mini briefs, briefs, boxers, thongs .. all white. As in the parade, they turn increasingly to deal with me one day change-NIP, NIP forever! -. So I notice that they are completely shaved pubic both, they are fully tanned and especially that they are super damn good - I had already noticed-. Him within 30 years, blond, curly with a nice body though slender, beautiful shapely abs and a beautiful blonde fleece on the torso. She, with a great breasts stiff, great round buttocks and style ... somewhat masculine. A beautiful couple. I think they are well aware ... The parade goes on in good humor, parody of fashion week, full of sub heard ... They finish, both in strings, bowing back, hand on the buttocks of the other under my enthusiastic applause. Homer follows a fight and panties. It sends itself to the head, throwing stuff on the floor in gales of laughter. I believe that alcohol begins to take effect, but not only ...

"- And you, what are you wearing?" Wonder Lea. It's the least that I show them. So I get undressed until boxer, I chose white of course. Then I realize it is already crowned with a beautiful spot at the top liquor because I have to admit, this show gave me a stick of hell ...

"Beautiful!" S "they exclaim, without knowing if they speak of the panty or stain.

"- I too am a fan of briefs, but not only white ... Is it serious?" They burst out laughing.

"- I think we'll get along all three" Thibaut whispers in his ear ...

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