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Hello, I am a new subscriber, my name is Julie. I say no more you will find me soon enough in my stories.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, the 16-11-2010, I was quietly squatting instead Republic in Lille, listening to my music.

nude beach girl

Nude beach girl

A blond young man accosted me and asked me if I have time to answer a poll? I replied that yes I have all my time and asks about the survey. He replied "It is about the sexuality of women and added that I can win 10 000 €. It begins with the first column asking for my age and my measurements. So I replied "I am 18 years and 90 c".

Now I realize that I'm not the first to have responded since he sat on my right.

He continues

"Sexual Attraction"

- "Heterosexual"

- "Frequency reports?"

- "3 times a week minimum," he continues

"Practice favorite?" - "Several".

It connects directly "If you could do something to increase your chances of winning what would you do?". I immediately put me to blush and he references the question "That is to say? And you what would you do?". I am embarrassed and at the same time curious about his reaction. He stares at me and blows a good shot starts "If we did this survey to win I will not hesitate to show my gender." Surprise at his answer I do not distract me and managed to articulate. "Here, Now in front of everyone?"

- "That would be me so I will not hesitate" and hastens to add "So you do or not? Nothing says you have to is just to increase your chances of winning. The more you dare, the more you'll good luck. "

nudism voyeur exhibitionist

Nudism voyeur exhibitionist

Not knowing what to do or what to say I ask him to ask me these questions and others to revisit it when I will have reflected. He nods and asks me my fantasy. I hurry to find an answer and said, "Being the sole and participate in a bukkakke. He looked at me astonished and continues and concludes "For the last question I need you, few people will respond and are automatically eliminated from the draw." Guess two inches about the size of the sex of sonar? "By asking me this question, it is close to me and unbuttoned his jeans. It looks in the eyes without speaking. A lot of people pass near us, and he invites me to do it like this in public. smiled at me and throws me: "You prefer it to the next question?"

- "No", and after looking around me and despite the flow of pedestrian traffic I start, I open his jeans and discreetly raises his underpants. He did not tape, it looks, not to mention it makes me understand that it is for me to act. The people closest to us we look good for ten minutes.

After some hesitation I put my hand under the bottom of the shirt and begins to masturbate. More and more eyes are posed on us. Sex hardens under my comings and goings. And once, shame I said "23 inches" and immediately covers his engine at the sight of all.

nudist outdoor fun

Nudist outdoor fun

He looks at me and throws me "The survey started on August 1st, and you're the first to reply and therefore most likely the winner, we will contact you.

Then he told me that you want to do to increase your chances at the draw.

Determined to win I say I have nothing to lose and I discreetly removed my thong and throw him in the face, I sit a little closer to him and raised my dress until he and others they see my shaved apricot. I say "Considering where I am why stop there" I take off my robe and fully discloses my complete nudity.

Many people watch, some happy and others shocked to see a young brunette naked in a public square in the middle of the afternoon.

Even the pollster, responsible for my nakedness to the air disrupted. It throws me "You stop where you want to continue?" Young sexy feast of entertainment. "I did not do it unnecessarily," I said. "How far should I go to be sure to win." Sebastian looked at me and said very calmly "So far as of today, a Marseille went to orgasm public." I do not have much experience seeing my young age, but whether he'd love to win? He admires me naked in front of dozens of onlookers and said, "Yes, certainly before 31/12/10 unless one is doing better than you."

At this moment I feel ready to face any challenge. I took her hand and draws him into a corner a little more withdrawn, less passing, but always in public.

We are surrounded by trees, it was moved fifty meters on the right there is a sidewalk presentation where people can see us hugging.

I lowered her jeans and underwear and began my first lick phallic. Becoming faster and faster and deeper I sink the 23 cm deep in my throat.

Then I relax, while leaning on a tree I saw three young people who are close. Insert myself when it's sex in the anus I see young people filming the scene with their mobile phones.

After a good fifteen minutes of sodomy, young people closer even closer.

Excited and at the same time I make them sign shameful to join us. I am now surrounded by four horny guys. I am so excited that I no longer try to hide myself, I kneel in the grass and let their dicks coming from all sides. A get up and bugger me while I lick the other three genders in turn. They all alternate and sodomize me. I see some people watching from the sidewalk.

The three young m'ejaculent in the mouth, get dressed quickly and go running.

I find myself mouth full of spunk and pollster who has finally decided to take my pussy doggy style, more and more people stop.

Pollster repackages enjoy sex after me on the face.

naturist beach pussy

Naturist beach pussy

I was so excited that I did more aware of what I was doing. Sebastian asked me if he could introduce me to new practices since for my young age I was sexually mature. With nothing to lose and always wanting to win this contest I was ready for anything and I accepted.

Tell me more without me giclat two more times on the face, saying "I'll teach you to really relieve somebody."

He left immediately, I gathered my things, I dressed and went home.

I was happy still dirty everywhere but sure to win. Finally starting again at Metro I became arrested by the police and stayed 72 hours in custody.

I consoled myself by saying that I was introduced to porn and practices as soon j'empocherai the jackpot.

Thank you to you for reading, I'll post my other adventures. Just a parenthetical all my adventures are real and I truly realized.

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